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A good locksmith at Des Plaines Locksmith should be honest, with integrity and dedication. They should be trustworthy and an asset to Des Plaines Locksmith. Respect between employers, employees and customers is very important at Des Plaines Locksmith. You are responsible for your own quality of work, and if you, the locksmith, finds that a job can't be done by him or her, they should call somebody else in to do the job right, rather than cause damage, which could hurt Des Plaines Locksmith reputation. Humility is a great trait to have at any job, especially with Des Plaines Locksmith.


Do not use false or misleading statements to the customer or other Des Plaines Locksmith employees. This is considered bad business practice and unethical. Never omit an important detail from a Des Plaines Locksmith job. There are no penalties for this, but it can make working difficult and unethical. A good Des Plaines Locksmith will also never hide anything from the customer, and must explain everything they are doing.

Last but not least, honor the trade and the traditions of locksmithing.