About Des Plaines Locksmith

The Locksmith's Code of Ethics

All locksmith's, especially at Des Plaines Locksmith should have a code of ethics they follow. Some states require they follow a specific code of ethics, but others don't have such regulations on Des Plaines Locksmith. All locksmiths should follow a code of ethics for the best of Des Plaines Locksmith and their customers.


First, Des Plaines Locksmith must comply with state laws. This is an individual employee to employee basis. If the Des Plaines Locksmith employee breaks a law, he or she can be fined and will lose their license for an allotted amount of time. At Des Plaines Locksmith we believe in practising and participating in only ethical business practices. We will not break confidence and we will not rip you off.


We, at Des Plaines Locksmith are morally obliged to report unethical locksmiths, whether they be a part of Des Plaines Locksmith or not, locksmiths that have breached a contract, and in the worst case scenario:
report it to the authorities.


Des Plaines Locksmith locksmiths and engineers have a background check done on them before hire. They are to adhere to the criminal code not only in business life, but in home life as well. If the Des Plaines Locksmith are caught breaking the criminal code there are dire consequences and it also hurts the business, Des Plaines Locksmith. All calls out and projects must be documented and kept in strict confidence adhering to the law, by Des Plaines Locksmith.


A lot of companies lose business to slander. At Des Plaines Locksmith, slander will not be tolerated in any form, which includes vertical, talking badly about them on the Internet and more. Slander can be a crime and is an unethical practice for a Des Plaines Locksmith. It makes everybody look bad, which is bad for business. Also included in slander is discrimination because of race, gender and more. This is intolerable at Des Plaines Locksmith, as everybody is equal there. A customer of Des Plaines Locksmith should feel comfortable with the locksmith even if they are a different race, gender, or religion. A locksmith at Des Plaines Locksmith should always be courteous and professional to the public, even if they have to bite their lip to do so.